Dream Project



The project intends to introduce an innovative Educational Model based on the principle of Affective Education, shared at transnational level, which improves the pedagogical practices used in EU countries, by producing a renewal of the existing Educational Systems related to the spectrum 0-10 years (from Preschool to Primary School) and supporting the pedagogic continuity in all the first educative stages.

Programme, ERASMUS+ Key Action 2 / Project Nr: 2016-1-IT02-KA201-024123

What is the “Dream Project”

The project idea is situated in the continuum of the current cultural and pedagogical European debate around the Early Educational Systems focused on how to improve their quality and inclusiveness, taking in account the specific peculiarities and needs of their target groups. For reaching this improvement a shared pedagogical strategy, which considers the importance of the affective dimension of education it emerged as fundamental premise. The main project’s idea arises from the detected need to broaden and deepen the research on EU educational models adopted in the first, and therefore most important phases of the educational process, relating them with the concept of Affective Education and involving the main Mediterranean Countries.

The project, aims to introduce an innovative pedagogical path, shared at European level, which intends to improve the educational practices used in EU, renewing the existing Educational Systems through an original approach that has the application of the right to welfare of its members among its main purposes.

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