Target Groups

DREAM is structured to achieve people other than who are directly addressed by the action. Apart from the teachers that will test the Innovative Model through the Curriculum, there are many other beneficiaries that will indirectly benefit.


Pupils addressed by the run-test are the first indirect target group. The Model will be tested by teaching staff on pupils attending Preschool and Primary School. The test will be carried out in at least 1 class per each age-category level (at least 2 classes per country). To guarantee a complete run-testing, the Consortium can avail itself with the support of that partner specifically chosen due to its nature of educational institution (ICTB in ITA) and of those schools belonging to local working-networks of the transnational partners. Preschool and Primary School classes will be selected in each country. As the testing will take place in each country, we expect to reach 40 pupils per country (around 20 students per class), at least 200 pupils.

Preschool and Primary School pupils, indeed, will be the final beneficiaries of the project’ activities. They will be the subjects on which the EAM will be tested and they will experience the innovative educational approach through their teachers, for one school year. Pupils’ feedback during the implementation of this approach will be collected in order to provide relevant data to be reported and exploited, for further improving the Model.


Role of parents has been considered in planning the proposal, as they share with the school the educational responsibility toward the pupils, for that reason they have been identified as indirect project’s target. Parents (70-80 people in each country, around 280 -320 people) will be key actors to be addressed in order to guarantee the expected impact. Pupils’ parents have an effect on the children education, then on their personal approach to education. They will be informed during informative seminars about the main concept of the Model, in order to share with them the approach. These seminars will be combined with the run-test in classroom and will be aimed to keep them abreast about the progress of the practical experimentation.

European Teaching Staff

Teaching staff interested in adopting the innovative Model is another group that will indirectly benefit from the results. Specific seminars will be proposed and organized in several schools and preschools with the aim to spread the I.O. exploitation, by promoting awareness towards the importance of a change in the young-adult relation (expected n.150 teachers/educators).

School managers, School professionals and other operators of the Educational Sector

This category fulfill a key role, along with the teaching staff and educators, as they can contribute to the change towards a School conceived as a positive space in which the cognitive learning is not achieved at the expense of relational well-being and in which the traditional asymmetric relation model educator-learner is overtaken. A set of Multiplier Events will be implemented in the partner’ countries to address also this group (expected n.60-100 people per event per country).

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