First testing results of DREAM Model in Italy

On 26 March 2019, at the SCIFOPSI Dept. of University of Florence, the Italian project partners presented the first testing results of DREAM Model in Italy

On 26 March 2019, Centro Machiavelli, Istituto Comprensivo Giovanni XXIII and University of Florence – SCIFOPSI Dept. presented to Faculty’s students and to territory the first testing results of DREAM Model in Italy. The innovative DREAM Model is the result of partners’ shared work for pedagogic and methodological research to develop an affective educative approach for 0-10 children. The Model has been jointly designed and implemented by all project partners under the scientific supervision of UNIFI and its educative contents have been tested in Italy, Spain, Greece and France. From September 2018 to March 2019, in each partner country the testing activities have been carried out, providing for preliminary specific training sessions for teachers and educators working with 0-10 children – to introduce them to the main operational Model’s contents – and the experimentation in classroom. During the run-testing, teachers included in their daily educative practices the innovative issues brought by the DREAM Model such as the value of affective dimension in education and the relevance of wellbeing in classroom, as optimal background for learning, development and growth for children. A special care was dedicated to the pedagogical strategies for conflict reduction and to teach children how to know and recognize their own emotional sphere.

In Italy the testing has been carried out by Istituto Comprensivo Giovanni XXIII of Terranova Bracciolini (Arezzo), where around 40 teachers working in the different educative stages took actively part to the training sessions and to the testing in classroom. The involved teachers work for kindergardens (0-3), pre-primary school (3-6) and primary school (6-10).

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