Dream meeting in Paris, France

On December 7th, 2017 the Centre de formation L’HORIZON, hosted the opening of the third session of Dream Project’s meeting.

Participants were as follows:

UNIFI (Project’s Scientific Leader and Coordinator):

SILVA, Clara (UNIFI, Italy), FRESCHI, Enrica (UNIFI, Italy), PALMA, Renato (UNIFI, Italy), CASELLI, Paola (UNIFI, Italy), BALDINI, Roberta Antonella (UNIFI, Italy), RADANO, Mariagrazia (UNIFI, Italy), PRISCO, Giada (UNIFI, Italy)

Italian Partners (IT):

PAIANO, Mario (Centro Macchiavelli, Italy), MORETTI, Giulia (Centro Macchiavelli, Italy), RIVA, Giovanna (Didactic Circle De Amicis, Italy), RIBOLETTI, Alberto (IC Terranuova Bracciolini, Italy)

Spanish Partners (ES):

MADRID VIVAR, Dolores (UMA, Spain), CRUCES, Gloria (UMA, Spain), TORRES, Maria Luisa (UMA, Spain)

French Partners (FR):

DOUCET, Anne Marie (Université Paris III, France), FAVRE, Didier (Centre l’Horizon, France)

Greek Partners (EL):

ANDROULAKIS, Konstantinos (ECTE-European Center in Training for Employment, Greece), KALAITZAKI, Argyroula (ECTE-European Center in Training for Employment, Greece)

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