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New Topic / Question

Because of wpForo has different forum layouts we use two different terms for topics: “Topic” and “Question”. We use Topic term for regular forum layouts like Extended and Simplified and Question term for Q&A forum layout.

Buttons to add a new topic/questions are located in forum pages, you should click on some forum title (link) and enter to the forum you want to open a discussion topic or ask a question.

Click on [Add Topic] button to start creating a new topic. It opens topic rich editor (TinyMCE).

  • Yellow – Forum Title
  • Pink – Field to enter topic title
  • Green – Topic text
  • Orange – Option to set this topic as sticky
  • Red – Button to brows and attach file to this topic
  • Blue – Topic subscription checkbox
  • Purple (blue button) – Click to save and publish this topic.

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